27 марта

MINI-MBA-the first stage of business education

MINI-MBA is an intensive programme, which is designed for 3 months of training and includes the most important practices of the MBA programme. In fact, this is the first step towards MBA degree. The programme is suitable for those who want to get the basic business competence in the shortest possible time and check how much business education will be useful for him. Making sure the results, you can easily continue your studies and get a master's degree.

MINI-MBA is primarily designed for professionals who are just planning to become leaders, as well as young entrepreneurs who do not have time to dive headlong into business processes. Affordable price and the ability to get results quickly in the career and business attract students, so today this programme is very popular in A1 Business School.

MINI-MBA programme consists of 6 modules: Leadership, Management, Finance, Sales, Marketing and HR-management, which provide basic management tools, help to develop key leadership skills and understand the main business processes of the company and their interaction.

MINI-MBA often awakens interest in self-development, the desire to go further and delve into all the nuances of managing the company. Therefore, while the learning process many students go to the full MBA programme with the offset of the passed disciplines. A1 Business School gives a chance to use such an opportunity to every student of MINI-MBA at any time convenient for him.