18 марта

MBA for 1 year in A1 Business School is coming soon

In a world of high speeds, when an idea you haven't implemented today turns into a competitor's business tomorrow, not everyone is willing to spend 1.5 years on an MBA. That is why, more and more accelerated version of the programme – MBA for 1 year can be found around the world.

Such a programme will appear in A1 Business School soon. We will include the most important materials from the MBA programme so that students can gain key managerial skills and a master's degree 1.5 times faster. After 12 months, they will be able to use the opportunities to accelerate their career or take the business to a new level.

Fortunately, even in our time there are periods of stability in life, both in career and in business. If this is about you, if you are not running out of time and you think not only about the present but about the future as well, do not wait for the accelerated version of the programme, choose the full version of MBA. It will allow you to master all the competencies of the master in the field of management and to dive deeper into the business and opportunities for its development.