13 April

Why business leaders are building personal brands. Part 2

Leverage social media

By leveraging modern communication and media tools, business leaders can build trust with their audience at scale – and they can let their personality shine, which by default shines a light on the corporate brand. Using the right social media platforms in active ways (LinkedIn may be a good place to start) can help business leaders develop that emotional connection to their audience and customers in a scalable and accessible way.

Take Richard Branson as an example. While the Virgin Group, Branson’s corporate brand, counts roughly 245,000 followers on Twitter, his personal Twitter counts north of 12 million. Branson rarely uses social media as a platform to directly promote his company’s products or services; instead, by leveraging social media to speak about topics that matter to him, to share his personal stories, and to establish his thought leadership on various business topics, audiences across the globe trust him (and many even revere him). His corporate brand profits from his personal brand messaging.

While posting on social media is one strategy, business leaders can explore others that may resonate best with them. Being interviewed on popular podcasts (or hosting an owned podcast), filming videos, launching a personal newsletter or writing blog articles can all be massively successful in helping leaders establish trust with their audiences, customers and employees.

Original source: https://businessgraduatesassociation.com/