18 March

Why business leaders are building personal brands

Today, personal brand building is being engaged by some of the most successful, highest-level executives, leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe. No longer simply a ‘tool’ or strategy to land a job, business leaders in diverse industries have learned that building a personal brand and leveraging their voice to make an impact at scale may be the ‘secret weapon’ to advancing their business interests in a modern and progressive way.

So how can business leaders, whether recently graduated or further along in their career, leverage personal branding?

Personal brand and corporate brand in tandem

It’s no surprise that consumers continue to feel a growing distrust toward corporate messaging – a phenomenon that may only be accelerated in a post-pandemic, politically and culturally-tenuous moment in time we collectively find ourselves in. Unsurprisingly, a recent study by the American Association of Advertising Agencies confirmed that only 4% of people believe in the integrity of corporate marketers.

Leveraging personal branding and storytelling by the leaders behind a corporate brand can be a way of bypassing that growing distrust from current and future customers of a brand. People simply trust messages coming from other people more than those from corporations. When executed correctly, the voice of the business leader as a person can not only increase loyalty in the corporate brand but can humanise the corporate brand in ways which otherwise may be challenging.

The solution? As a business leader, emerging or seasoned, speak to your customers directly as often as you can – and speak to them from your perspective, not from the perspective of your corporate brand. Your corporate brand will benefit from the increase in loyalty and trust – and where those two elements can be found, revenue can often be found following soon after.

Original source: https://businessgraduatesassociation.com/