20 February

Effective learning and networking in a distance format

A1 learning management system is a unique development that helps A1 Business School students to assimilate learning material better and provides additional opportunities for acquaintance and communication with each other and with the faculty.

Here are just some of the advantages of A1 LMS:

  • Variety of tasks formats. In order for students to consolidate and master the acquired knowledge better, the system provides them with various assignments: tests, simulators, cases and workshops for independent work.
  • Close communication with the faculty. Students can ask questions on the course or on the assignment and get answers quickly from the experts at any time. In addition, the solved tasks and cases are sent to the experts immediately and the experts return them to the students with marks and comments.  
  • Extensive networking opportunities. The system allows you to organize discussion clubs, groups and online meetings, so that students can establish contacts and find friends, partners, clients and employees as easily as in person training. Built-in business social network allows students to get acquainted with each other and with school graduates quickly.
  • "Practice center". With this service, students create and solve cases proposed by experts of the School, as well as by other students. Everyone can use the intelligence of the community to perform their business tasks and to fill a hand in solving typical business situations to deal effectively with them in real life.
  • Workbook. The built-in notes service allows students to save citations from abstracts and make notes that are constantly accessible from the personal account, as well as set reminders.

And much more.

Join our students and ensure yourself the quality and convenience of the learning process!