MBA General

International business
education standards

Technological MBA programme:
be Leader, be Digital, be Global
Start: May 29 and September 16
Form: online and blended (mixed)
Language of study: English
Enrollment is 40 places only. Special condition for first 18 applicants only
remaining places
80 TOP lecturers from the United Kingdom
70% of study is practical: cases, business simulators, own crowd platform

MBA from A1 Business School means:

The British business school diploma
It is the access to high positions, the diploma is highly valued in foreign companies.
International speakers and practices
Our lecturers are celebrity experts, practical experts from largest companies, leading British lecturers famous all over the world.
Individual accompaniment of studies
Each student has the personal tutor who assists in all issues arisen during your studies.
100% feedback
Lecturers, tutors and experts give the feedback to homework, help to solve your business issues and reply to all questions.
Permanent access to course materials
The MBA programme is always available in your account. We always update it, it is free for graduates. You remain the relevant professional for the whole career and save a lot at investments in your training.
Practical ultramodern programme
We have created all conditions for you to acquire relevant skills and to be able to apply them to the real life as early as during the training. What's more, we teach modern methods of how to manage the business using digital and other IT technologies.


If you see that the course does not solve your issues we refund the whole amount. No problems.

Lecturers and speakers

Celebrity speakers and British experts
British practical experts from large companies

British experts and lecturers

Ioannis Bournakis
Senior lecturer of the Chair of Economics, Middlesex University, head of the MBA distance learning programme.
Peter Cochrane
General Director and Chairman of Cochrane Associates Ltd
Jamie Turner
International recognized author/Network TV News Contributor/speaker/CEO/Lecturer in the Emory University
Thomas Lawton
Professor of Strategy and International Business. Head of the chair in the Surrey University
Pravash Dey
General Director of Indian Blockchain Council
Hilary Culkin
HR consultant/Director of Anchor HR
Carlos Guestrin
Director of Machine Learning at Apple & Amazon Professor of Machine Learning at University of Washington
Mark Pitcher
Life Coach, Business Mentor & Inspirational Speaker Smash The Box The Coaching Academy
Nick Jankel
Professional Speaker & Leadership Futurist, transformation Catalyst & Wisdom Teacher


from the best British business experts

MBA study programme

MBA Generalis the British practical programme developed according to international standards. Three cornerstones of your programme's success are the focus on development of the leader potential, expertise in modern technologies and global understanding of markets.

You will obtain competences in the area of digital technologies, business process automatization and optimization that are currently in great demand among employees around the world.
Module system (11 modules + 1 elective)
The programme's duration is 18 months
Language of study is English
2 forms of study: online and blended (modules in London)
2-month online internship (online or in Europe)
Graduation project: business launch or development
The study will begin on: May 29 and September 16

The curriculum of MBA General


The modern approach to leadership implies the skill to determine the direction of growth, to form the new vision, to implement reforms and to be able to put people together and to inspire them for implementation of your ideas.

There are different ways to do it today. What makes people to follow the leader? What helps to become the role model? What causes the desire to invest into implementation of the leader's idea? What is the reason of his or her behavior? Can everyone be the leader? There is no single correct answer to all these questions. The main goal of this programme is to choose your own leadership way and start going.

As a result of study, you will be able:

To learn and to develop essential leadership skills.

To diagnose your strong and weak points as a leader, the habitual behavioral strategies.

To understand your personal uniqueness as a leader and to determine directions for the growth of your leadership potential.

To learn the art of business communications, to hold presentations, business meetings, to properly manage the team.

Courses of the module:

  1. Leadership in critical situations
  2. Leadership and team building
  3. Effective leadership
  4. Time management
  5. Business communications
  6. Emotional Intelligence

Theoretical classes – 44 hours
Practical classes, seminars – 64 hours

Practice and cases:

  1. Analysis of the manager's working day
  2. CASE 1. “A Beginner Leader”
  3. CASE 2. “Brand of a Leader”

The module “Strategy” is made to study methodological grounds and practical use of skills obtained during studying for development, implementation and changes of the company's development strategy.

As a result of study, you will be able:

To develop strategy of the company.

To evaluate effectiveness and economic reasonability of projects.

To use quantitative and qualitative methods for business research.

You will learn to take administrative decisions for increasing competitiveness of the company, discovery and regulation of competitive advantages, attraction of investments.

Courses of the module:

  1. Strategic management
  2. Business planning and modeling
  3. Business research. Quantitative and qualitative methods of research.
  4. Attraction and management of investments
  5. Business competitiveness

Practice and cases:

  1. Development of the company's strategy
  2. Evaluation of the project's investment attractiveness
  3. CASE 1. “Retail chain. Conflict of goals”.
  4. CASE 2. “Strategy of the company”

Theoretical classes – 30 hours
Practical classes, seminars – 42 hours


The module “Management” is made to form and to expand knowledge and competences in the field of theoretical and practical management of companies and their subdivisions under modern business conditions.

As a result of study you will be able:

To increase your administrative effectiveness and to get skills of the teamwork organization.

To develop and to successfully implement projects in the company.

To manage innovative processes in the company more effectively.

Courses of the module:

  1. Operational management
  2. Project management
  3. Quality management
  4. Crisis management
  5. IT management

Practice and cases:

  1. Development of the project's basic plan
  2. Building the House of Quality
  3. CASE 1. “Director of the branch”
  4. CASE 2. “Innovations and stress”

Theoretical classes – 28 hours
Practical classes, seminars – 44 hours

Economics and Finance

The module “Economics and Finance” is made to form theoretical and practical knowledge of financial aspects of the company's management. Tools for financial analysis of solutions related to time-spaced costs and profits.

As a result of the module you will:

Be able to analyze calculation of costs

Know how to make the financial assessment of results from a perspective of the company's strategy

Be able to take effective administrative solutions due to objective markers of the company's business.

Learn to determine the company`s value.

Know the method of economic analysis to solve practical issues of the company management.

Courses of the module:

  1. Administrative economics. Financial technologies.
  2. Administrative and financial reporting.
  3. Management of company value.
  4. Financial planning and budgeting.
  5. Taxation and taxes.
  6. Complex economic analysis of the economic activity.
  7. Microeconomic analysis of the company

Practice and cases:

  1. Analysis of the company's financial situation.
  2. Evaluation of the company value.
  3. CASE 1. “Clothing factory”
  4. CASE 2. “Budgeting”

Theoretical classes – 44 hours
Practical classes, seminars – 64 hours


The module “Entrepreneurship” is the systematized summary of methodological, technological and practical grounds of entrepreneurship. The goal of this module is to form the complex of knowledge, skills, abilities and competences needed to a modern entrepreneur.

a result of the module, you will:

Learn to analyze the external and internal environment of the company, to discover its key elements and to estimate their effect on the company.

Know specific features of entrepreneurship on international markets.

Learn methods for formation and support of the ethical climate in the company.

Courses of the module:

  1. Global trends of entrepreneurship development
  2. Types of entrepreneurship transactions
  3. Technological entrepreneurship
  4. Competition in the system of entrepreneurship
  5. International entrepreneurship

Practice and cases:

  1. Building of the competitive Market Map
  2. CASE 1. “Adizes corporate lifecycle”
  3. CASE 2. “A furniture company”
  4. Theoretical classes – 40 hours
    Practical classes, seminars – 68 hours
    Business environment

    Courses of the module:

    1. International business environment
    2. Theory of industrial markets
    3. GR management
    4. Business safety management
    5. Business ethics and responsibility

    Practice and cases:

    1. Analysis of interaction between the company group of the specific economic sector (industry) and state authorities.
    2. CASE 1. “A concrete product plant”
    3. CASE 2.“Analysis of the finished products competitiveness”

    Theoretical classes – 30 hours
    Practical classes, seminars – 42 hours

    HR Management

    The team, their knowledge and experience, loyalty in the company are often the crucial factor in the competitive struggle. In the module “HR Management” you will study technologies of recruitment, will learn to onboardt new employees, get acquainted with factors for motivation of employees, will learn to properly evaluate the input of each employee into the successful business of the company and to develop the staff. Development and support of the corporate culture are also included into building of the HR policy. The proper HR management allows to decrease costs and to increase the general effectiveness of the company.

    As a result of the module you will:

    Understand whether your company employs the right people or not

    Know whether you've done all possible for the talent of each employee to develop in full and to bring the maximum profit to the company.

    Courses of the module:

    1. HR management strategies. HR planning.
    2. Headhunting, recruitment and onboarding of the staff
    3. Organizational behavior.
    4. Motivation and stimulation of employees. The system of bonuses.
    5. Training and development of the staff.

    Practice and cases:

    1. Development of the administration task matrix.
    2. Development of the scenario for the interview with a job candidate.
    3. CASE 1. “An interview on competences”
    4. CASE 2. “Recruitment to the pharmacy chain”

    Theoretical classes – 42 hours
    Practical classes, seminars – 66 hours


    The module immerses you into marketing concepts and tools needed to achieve goals of the company regardless the industry it operates in. The special attention is paid to the analysis of the customer's need: his or her motives, behavior and approaches.

    As a result of the module, you will:

    Start understanding both private and corporate customers better.

    Know about marketing methods effective in the modern world.

    Learn to develop the marketing strategy of the company.

    Courses of the module:

    1. Marketing strategy of the company and the marketing structure
    2. International marketing
    3. Marketing research
    4. Online marketing
    5. Advertising and PR
    6. Variable brand management

    Practice and cases:

    1. Formation of the marketing communication complex
    2. Calculation of the product price
    3. CASE 1. “Marketing strategy of a tea company”
    4. CASE 2. “Segmentation of the B2B market”

    Theoretical classes – 42 hours
    Practical classes, seminars – 66 hours


    Any company is interested in effective promotion of its products and services. The term “promotion” principally means implementation of the sales process. It is the direct way to create profits and to increase capitalization of the company.

    Thus, the sales process takes one of principal places in the business of commercial companies.

    The module “Sales management” was created on the basis of open sources, experience and practice of top managers and various company owners, teamwork of our School's lecturers.

    As a result of the module you will:

    Know how to properly form optimal strategies of distribution and price formation.

    Consider different methods of sales planning and forecasting.

    Learn to launch loyalty programmes.

    Courses of the module:

    1. Sales management strategy
    2. Sales planning and forecasting
    3. Customer-oriented approach and loyalty
    4. E-commerce
    5. Operational management of the sales department
    6. Customer behaviour, customer relations

    Practice and cases:

    1. Development of the sales funnel
    2. Development of the sales script
    3. CASE 1. “A computer store”
    4. CASE 2. “Retail sales management in a bank”

    Theoretical classes – 40 hours
    Practical classes, seminars – 68 hours

    Changes and Risks

    Modern organizations are always changing. Each leader is the active player initiating changes.

    The process of changes has to be the part of the strategic management system. How to initiate changes? Who is responsible for changes? How to overcome resistance and to motivate employees for the effective work? The course suggests the system approach to change management: discovery of the need, evaluation of options, planning, implementation of changes.

    As a result of the course you will:

    Acquire the skills of change management.

    Learn to analyze risks of the company and their management.

    Learn to plan the innovative work in the company.

    Learn to create conditions for development and implementation of innovations, resolution of conflicts related to changes, increased flexibility that provide for the long-tern sustainability of the company.

    Courses of the module:

    1. Globalization and international markets
    2. Change management
    3. Risk management
    4. Merger and acquisitions market
    5. Innovations in the business

    Practice and cases:

    1. Development of the risk register
    2. CASE 1. “Merger of companies”
    3. CASE 2. “A milk processing factory”

    Theoretical classes – 46 hours
    Practical classes, seminars – 62 hours

    Digital Technologies

    Nowadays digital technologies decide everything! Students of the module will study the practical application of IT technologies in the business.

    As a result of the course you will:

    Learn to choose Big Data technologies and to build the team for support and maintenance of complex solutions.

    Be able to estimate the cost of data storage and treatment.

    Learn to assign machine-learning tasks.

    Learn to analyze cyber-security threats.

    Know scenarios of blockchain application

    Learn how to develop a smart contract.

    Courses of the module:

    1. Big Data and machine learning
    2. Cyber security
    3. Robotics
    4. Internet of things
    5. Artificial intelligence
    6. Blockchain

    Practice and cases:

    1. Forecasting of cryptocurrency rate
    2. CASE 1. “Implementation of the information system”
    3. CASE 2. “A corporate training center”

    Theoretical classes – 30 hours
    Practical classes, seminars – 42 hours

    Personal and Professional Effectiveness

    Courses of the block :

    1. Skills of public speeches
    2. Critical thinking and decision-taking
    3. Maximization of personal effectiveness
    4. Personal branding
    5. Skills of holding meetings
    6. Skills of successful negotiations
    7. Brand management
    Operational Management

    Courses of the block:

    1. Key tasks of strategic implementation
    2. Complex economic analysis of the economic activity
    3. Logistics
    4. International logistic management
    5. Internal social policy of the company
    Marketing and Sales

    Courses of the block:

    1. Development of product and service marketing
    2. Modern marketing trends and technologies
    3. Team of the sales department: recruitment, adaptation, control and security, rotation
    4. В2В sales technology
    5. Retail sales technology
    6. Omni-channel sales
    7. Work with the accounts receivable
    Company Management and External Environment

    Courses of the block:

    1. Microeconomic analysis of the company
    2. Markets of production factors and revenue distribution
    3. Economics of wealth
    4. National accounts system
    5. Globalization and national interest
    6. Modern economic instability: interrelation and unemployment
    7. Macroeconomic balance and the real interest rate (the IS-LM model)
    8. Investment relations with BRICS countries
    Practice and the case method

    Implementation webinars for each module with review of students' questions

    Solving cases of large companies for each module

    Creation of own cases and getting solutions from other students

    Solving other students' cases


    Guaranteed online internship in A1 Business School

    Online internships from partner companies for graduates

    Paid onsite internships abroad (at the option of a graduate)

    Examination, preparation and defense of the final graduation work

    Selection and confirmation of the topic (business development and launch of your own business)

    Study and work at the project under supervision by the research advisor

    Preparation for defense of the graduation project

    Defense of the graduation project (online) before the attestation board


    British Diploma A1 Business School


    We prepare high-qualified professionals able not only to effectively manage the subdivision and the company but also having nonstandard thinking, able to develop innovation and to predict trends.

    Graduates of the programme have high competitiveness and are demanded on the labour market.

    What will you get as a result of the MBA General programme?

    The significant growth of the personal leader potential and administrative skills
    New opportunities for the professional and career growth
    Complex vision of all corporate business processes and the system understanding of business
    You will learn to see, to develop and to implement successful business ideas
    You will be able to develop effective complexes of strategies and tactics for the corporate management and development
    You will effectively solve issues in the sphere of the management of company's subdivisions, finance, resources and processes as you will understand their relationships
    You will know modern digital technologies
    You will learn to develop business models and to launch products on international markets.
    British diploma
    You will obtain diploma of British A1 Business School, the demand of which is confirmed by international accreditations.
    Diploma Project
    The training is obligatory on the real-life projects. 2 in 1: during preparation of the diploma project you solve your own business matters (or develop the plan to launch your own business) and reinforce skills.
    You not only exchange experience and obtain dozens of visions for your project from colleagues and lecturers but also form the powerful pool of acquaintances and business contacts.
    You undergo the free internship in partner companies or reinforce your skills during the paid internship abroad. All students also have access to the guaranteed internship in A1 Business School.


    No. 1. Networking


    Peer groups

    Peer groups are groups of equals. The international form of search for effective business solution (a half of Fortune 500 are members of such groups). Groups are formed according to correlation between members: a level of position, company etc. The goal is the search for effective solutions of your issues through brainstorming in the “group of equals”.

    • 2 online meetings per month online
    • One meeting = one topic
    • Up to 14 people in the group
    • Strict confidentiality
    • The experienced methodologist coordinates the meeting

    Group classes

    Our methodologists and lecturers have developed special cases. They are real-life business situations. The task of the audience is to distribute assignments and to find the right solution. Cases are developed by experienced methodologists and they train skills of team work, project management skills, they teach to find most effective solutions.

    • 5 group assignments for the period of study
    • Groups are formed online several times per month
    • The leader of the group supervises the meeting

    Discussion clubs

    Discussion clubs are online meetings for business direction during which members discuss current issues of development in various professional fields. Discussions are held several times per week and formed according to the profile of members.

    • Optional participation
    • The leader of the group supervises meetings
    • Weekly events

    Boards of directors

    For owners and CEOs only – monthly meetings during last 12 months of study. The form of the full-scale board of directors where every member shows dynamics of the company's development and achievement of reported effectiveness rates upon the completed plan.
    The board of directors helps you not only to follow the developed plan but also allows to obtain invaluable recommendations and advise from other members of the board and the supervisor – the business coach. The task for the board of directors is to increase profitability of your business.

    • 12 meetings once per month
    • Online
    • Assistance in search for growth points from the business coach

    No. 2. Practice and implementation


    Center of practice

    The center of practice is the crowdsourcing platform for solving your business issues. You may use the intellect of the School's community to solve your own business issues completely for free. It is the invaluable experience.
    The work of the Center of practice is based upon the Harvard's case-study method applied by Microsoft and many global leaders.
    The meaning of the method is to present the real-life business situation to participants. Students research the issue, find best versions of solution under supervision of the tutor. Moreover, during studies the audience may create their own cases and obtain solutions from other students.

    • Students of the programme are owners, CEOs, TOP managers, experts
    • Free participation always
    • Up to 30 variants for solution of your business issue

    Implementation webinars

    We hold an implementation webinar after each module of the programme. During the webinar the lecturer summarizes results of the module, replies to questions, gives the feedback for practical assignments solved by students during studies.
    The 3-in-1 effect: reinforcement of knowledge, control of the practice by the lecturer, the feedback from the group

    • Frequency – 1 per month
    • Recorded webinars are available in the personal account
    • If you have missed the module or practical assignments, you may take part in the webinar of the next group.

    Business games

    We visit a gym to keep our muscles fit. Business skills need the same training.
    The audience takes part in games and business simulations. They are special simulators for working obtained skills out in real life and for development of business competences in a more informal environment.

    • The most powerful business simulation environment
    • More than 10 games and simulators
    • Take part in a group or individually

    Templates of practical tools

    • 135 additional materials: check lists, presentations, guidelines, mind maps etc.You get the access to the library that has EVERYTHING you may need for promotion of your business: from methodologies for business plan development to the check list of the commercial proposal to a distributor.

    No. 3. Alumni association and Career Center

  5. Permanent access to the community, materials and updates
  6. All the materials of the MBA programme are available for graduates in the personal account. The business environment is dynamic, so we always update programmes with new tools and methods for you to always keep relevance of your competences.
  7. All the updates of the MBA courses are free for graduates.
  8. In the Private Club, graduates share their results, best practice, interesting materials and get replies from colleagues and lecturers.
  9. Special service for graduates
    Free consultancy of a career coach
    The certified (ICF) coach holds the personal Skype consultancy to determine the vector of your career and to solve personal issues.
    Access to the Private base of knowledge
    For graduates only! Private materials from leading international and Russian business and career development experts. These materials are NOT in the open access.
    Assistance in employment
    Before the public search, large companies (including international ones) and HR agencies send vacancies to us and ask for recommendations. We help graduates to find best offers.
    Guaranteed internships
    We have more than 30 partner companies that hold free online internships. Graduates also may have the paid on-site internship abroad.

    Guaranteed achievement of the goal of studies

    We provide for the result due to the special support system

    Individual supervision
    Each student has the personal tutor who helps to follow the plan and to achieve intermediary rates.
    Quick feedback
    During the studies, lecturers reply to all questions, check assignments. After each module, the Q&A webinar is held.
    All assignments, practical works and the graduation project are checked by lecturers who give practical recommendations and advice.
    First-line support
    In your personal account, you obtain assistance from employees upon all aspects of studies.

    Process of studying

    Personal account
    The convenient system of studies contains everything you need: courses, assignments, your tutor and other services.
    Visit classes from any point at the convenient time and on any device.
    The system notifies about the following class and the deadline for practical assignments beforehand.


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