1. What is «МВА General Study Programme»?

It is the international practical educational programme aimed at the high-quality training of management. The programme meets international standards and is developed taking into account modern facts of life and trends. 

2. What is the period of studying on the programme?

МВА General lasts 18 months, MINI-MBA lasts 6 months. 

3. What will be the language of study?

The study is carried out in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages. Classes with British experts are carried out with simultaneous interpreting. 

4. Which diplomas do graduates receive?

Graduates of the programme receive the British diploma of A1 Business School. Diplomas have prestigious international accreditations.

5. Who delivers programmes?

Our lecturers are the British team of celebrity lecturers and experts as well as local teams of practical experts. 

6. Who will be suited for this programme?

Leaders of subdivisions, both experienced ones and beginners, as well as business owners. 

7. What are requirements on enrollment into the programme?

The following requirements have to be met to study for MBA General programme in A1 Business School:

  • Age between 25 and 55 years.
  • Completed higher education.
  • Work experience of not less than 2 years in management positions.  
  • Motivation for the study.
8. When does the study begin?

Enrollment into groups will be made on May 29, 2018 and September 16, 2018.

9. How will the process of study be carried out?

The study is remote. The system of studies is modular: you study the whole material gradually, from one course to another, from one module to another while reinforcing your knowledge at checking simulators and tests. You will do homework, take part in group assignments, do project work. At the end of each module students take part in implementation webinars where results of the module and questions of students are reviewed under leadership of a business coach. 
You always get the support from lecturers, supervisors and tutors. 
 Lecturers support students during the whole studies, check homework and give the feedback. 

10. What is «Association alumni»?

The Association alumni is the system of the constant knowledge exchange, it is excellent networking.  
Graduates of the programme will have regular offline meetings. Graduates of the programme will have permanent access to all materials that are always updated taking into account the real time. 
If you are interested in further employment, personal consultations of a career coach, materials for career management will be available to you. The school cooperates with recruiting agencies and large companies as it helps the graduates to find job. 

11. What are «Peer Groups»?

Peer Groups (groups of equals) are online discussions for students where students of the same level discuss issues and matters of their businesses and companies aimed at the joint search for effective solutions. Peer Groups are formed according to the position, the profile of students for communication to be most effective. The agenda is determined by members of the group (not more than 14 people) and is coordinated by the moderator. 

12. What are «Group Assignments»?

During studies on the programme, students do 5 joint projects – they solve cases requiring interaction and discussion between participants. Discussions are carried out online by all group members. Cases are developed by experience methodologists and allow to train skills of teamwork, to work out project management skills, teach students to find most effective solutions. 

13. What are «Discussion Clubs»?

They are online meetings for various business directions during which participants discuss actual issues of development in various professional areas. Discussions are held several times per week and formed according to the profile of participants. You may always get acquainted with the agenda of the discussion beforehand. Up to 12 people take part in the discussion. 

14. What are «Boards of Directors»?

Boards of Directors are monthly meetings during last 12 months of study by small groups of participants that include not more than 12 people. Participation in Boards of Director's meeting is available for business owners and CEOs of companies only. 
During the Board of Director, students work out development of their companies for all key business processes according to the preset plan and report the progress of the previous month. All meetings are held under supervision of a business coach who controls the progress and helps to solve complicated issues. 
As a result of 12 Boards of Directors, you will work out growth points and methods for business process optimization in key directions of your business, will get advice and experience of other participants, will complete and follow the agreed plan of measures and changes that will lead your business to the increased profitability and will open new horizons. 

15. What is the «Center of Practice»?

The Center of Practice is the platform for solving your business issues. You may use the intellect of the business school's community to solve your own business issues completely for free.
Cases are situations from various industries and business areas that are suggested for solving by the School's students themselves, the School's lecturers and its partners. The case-study method is a very effective teaching method that allows you to learn how to take decisions in real-life situations. 

16. What are «Implementation Webinars»?

As a result of each module, students of the programme take part in special webinars. At webinars the lecturer summarizes the module, replies to questions of students and reviews solutions of cases and practical assignments made by the student within modules. Webinars help not only to reinforce knowledge but also to review options for solving real-life situations at a deeper level due to the group work led by the lecturer.

17. What are «Business Games»?

During their study, students may take part in unique business games. It is the most powerful user-to-user business simulation environment in the world that makes studies of businesspeople and managers effective and practical. You will be able to improve practical management skills in realistic simulation.