Procedure for Creating Courses

Graphic and motion designers
Pedagogical designers
Creators and script writers
Operators and editors
Testers and focus groups
Game producers
Programmers and developers
Academic advisors
Education producers
Teachers and experts
Methodologists and scientific editors

The higher the quality of your knowledge and competencies, the faster you will be able to succeed.

That's why we developed our own approach to creating educational courses and programmes, which make the learning process exceptionally effective and interesting.

Creation of training products


Teachers and experts

We collect and accumulate knowledge and practices from the best international and local experts, teachers and businessmen from successful companies.

Methodology Department

We structure and systematise the best theories, case studies and practical tools and then select the best one and remove the subjective views of the experts themselves to leave only pure knowledge which can be applied in practice.

Coordination and Testing Department

Each course undergoes rigorous verification and evaluation in the coordination department that employs experts in various business areas. In addition, we verify each tool with the participation of focus groups to make sure that it is effective enough.

Development Department

We simplify the perception through the gamification of learning: animated videos, simulators, business games, interactive presentations and much more. Our learning process is fascinating and effective!

Get skills and competencies with the support of the world's best experts!

Our approach to creating training programmes and courses ensures the highest quality of knowledge and guarantees acquisition of the desired competencies!
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Our key principles for creating programmes and courses

Pure knowledge and global best practices
A group of the best international experts and practitioners from all over the world always works together with a team of methodologists, even when developing a simple and short-term course.
Quality assurance
We test and verify all selected knowledge and tools in practice by involving the best companies and focus groups before using them in our courses and programmes.
Simplicity of understanding and economy of time
We use various approaches that simplify perception and learning and save the time of our students: visualisation, gamification, summarisation.